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Our Best Choice?

May 14th, 2013 | Posted by Sara in Uncategorized

I have to confess … I’ve never been a huge fan of Angelina Jolie.  Her films are interesting but her life seems to be an incredibly hectic journey where she must be everything to everybody.   She is involved in several charitable issues, has numerous children and is engaged to a movie star. Sometimes I would like to see another side of her where she is much more laid back.
Today, Jolie made news by announcing she had a double mastectomy based on carrying the BRCA1 gene that causes breast and ovarian cancer.  By having the mastectomy, she decreased her chances of having breast cancer from 85 percent to 5 percent.
That shocked me.  Two thoughts ran through my head.  First, I was proud that a woman was taking control and making her own choice about her body and future.   Jolie wanted to be there for her children and by having the mastectomy; she increased those chances.   My second thought was sadness.
Every day we see fundraisers for every type of cancer.  Breast cancer awareness is everywhere.  I wonder about the time, money and research going in to curing cancer.  Is taking off our breasts the best answer?
Where are we in finding a cure?  What does a cure look like?
So many women have chosen to have life changing surgeries speculating about forthcoming cancers.  I understand their battle but is it a scapegoat to avoid finding a cure?   Frankly, I don’t see men choosing to have surgeries to avoid testicular cancers.
I’m proud that Jolie had the courage to make her choice and had family to support her, but I don’t want the headlining grabbing actress to discourage the value of early detection.
Every woman must make their choice but let’s keep working on a cure.

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