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New book about publicity by Joanna Penn

July 9th, 2013 | Posted by Sara in Uncategorized

Yesterday I read a great article about book publicity.   Every day I hear an author say “Ellen” or “Katie” would love my book.   I am always positive but sometimes the chances of this are very slim.   In How to Market a Book by Joanna Penn, Penn gives realistic and eye-opening advice.
First, she asserts getting a traditional book deal will include publicity.  The days of a publishing house having a publicity budget are over unless you are an author with a platform or a major celebrity.  If you think about this in a realistic way, it makes sense.  In my opinion, independent publishing has achieved two things:   One, it has opened publishing to everyone.  It used to be a closed world but now anyone with a story and some money to spend can publish a book.  Second,  it has made publishing a book less impressive.  If the publishing world is more open, then the chances of getting signings or events are less as well.
Penn also asserts authors can do their own marketing.  I agree that the author is the best person to tell their story if they can write in a creative way and write for the media.  However, the author must be able to deal with rejection!
The most important myth is number three.  A publicist will be able to get an author on a specific show.  She asserts a publicist can pitch shows but they can only work with what the author provides.  We all need to think like the media.  These are your “hooks.”
Another interesting point is authors think media will sell books.  What media does is raise awareness however a publicist cannot make the audience buy the book.
I highly recommend Penn’s book How to Market a Book.   Also,  authors need to keep her tips in mind but also they need to be realistic about their goals for the next 6 months to a year.  Your book may be good enough to be a bestseller but also keep in mind what you need to work on before finding a publicist:
1.     An intriguing story.
2.    Hiring a great, honest editor.
3.    Having a designer who will create a product that looks and feels like a bestseller.
4.    Make sure you have a website, and social media before you launch any PR or marketing efforts.
5.    Finally, think about what you wish to tell the media.  Watch the news and think about how you fit into their objectives.  Remember, they will not change for you.  You must fit your topic into their target audience.

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