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“North West to Make Television Debut”

August 22nd, 2013 | Posted by Sara in Uncategorized

Hey, it’s Kim’s baby.
On Friday, August 23 look for the most beautiful, smart and perfect baby to appear on television.  Kanye West is set to be a guest on his girlfriend’s mother’s talks show on Friday, The Kris Jenner Show.  It is rumored that he will show a picture of his daughter, North West.
Ok, I have many problems with this.
1.    Who Cares?   As Americas we have to stop caring about this type of news.  Is it news?  I guess if bloggers (myself) and others in the media did not write about it, then it would take away power from people like the Kardashians and West.
2.    Why promote your child?  It just feels wrong to show the picture of an innocent client to millions on national television.  If they want privacy, why show the pictures?  I know they want to take the power away from the photographers, but think about what that is doing to the child.
3.    What is more important :  publicity or the safety of a child?  In this age, when a celebrity has a a new album out or wants to help their struggling talk show, they bring on family and famous friends.  What happened to the days of celebrities coming on talk shows just to have fun and have a conversation?

Ok, I’ll get off my soap box and I do wish them well.  I hope we won’t be seeing a North West reality show or sex tape in the next 30 years.
Have a great weekend!

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