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December 19th, 2013 | Posted by Sara in Uncategorized - (0 Comments)

Being a PR professional is not easy but here is a list of tactics that every PR person should follow.  Thank you to NY PR girls for this wonderful list.  http://nycprgirls.com

    • Respond quickly and accurately. Time is of the essence. If you’re not sure of an answer, double check and let the reporter know you’ll get back to them. (My comments: Always, always stop what you are doing and response with information.)
    • Be respectful of deadlines. Don’t bother them when they’re on one.  (They are always on a deadline.  Always ask if they have time to hear your story.)
    • Stick to your word. Always follow through with what you say you’ll do and send. (Honesty is the best quality.)
    • Stay truthful. Getting caught in a lie ruins any relationship.
    • Give instead of receive. Don’t be selfish in thinking that a reporter should write about everything for you without anything in return. Offer them an exclusive or an interview if you can.  (Never be selfish with them.  Be a diplomat! People always want something from the media.  Be the person who sees their side.)
    • Don’t be spiteful or rude. If the story from a reporter doesn’t come out as planned, remember it’s editorial and you can never fully control a story. The reporter is just doing his/her job. Don’t take it personal and give attitude in return. (Mean people suck!)
    • Show you’re grateful. Letting them know how much you appreciate their feedback or support by sending a little something (product from around the office, etc.) goes a long way.
    • Send a thank you. An old fashioned note in the mail is much better than an email. Or a nice holiday card. (This is the best tactic!)
    • Don’t be pushy. If you ask them for something and they don’t send the first time, don’t ask again. Being that annoying PR pro is a sure way to the naughty list.
  • I’ll add:                 * Be on Time:  No matter what make sure your client is prepped and on time.

* Don’t backpedal.  If you want press, you may get it.  Don’t turn them down!

* Make sure to tell a good story.  If you are not interested, they won’t be interested.

Happy Holidays.   I won’t be blogging next week.  Take care!

Great Hollywood Legends

December 17th, 2013 | Posted by Sara in Uncategorized - (0 Comments)

Two wonderful actors passed this week.

Peter O’Toole was a rascal and a guy that anyone would love to hang out with.   He is best known for “Lawrence of Arabia” but my favorite O’Toole movie is “How to Steal a Million.”  He starts with Audrey Hepburn in this comedy caper.  The premise is Hepburn’s father is a con artist and fakes art.  When the London Museum wants to insure one of his fake sculptures, they must do a scientific test to validate it.     Audrey and Peter proceed to steal the sculpture.

Joan Fontaine also passed away.  She won an Oscar for “Suspicion,”  however she was also in “The Women.”  It was a witty and fast paced comedy.

Check out the acting of these two and you will find out why classic movies are so revered.

Happy Tuesday!

Hi all,

I know I post about books, pop culture and anything that really interests me.  Some days I’m pretty random.  So let the randomness continue!!!

This post is about my favorite 3 beauty products of the year.  I’ve struggled with dry skin as well as slight hair loss this year so, here are some products that helped me!

1. Coconut Oil, Coconut Oil:  If you have dry skin or need help strengthening hair, go get some Coconut Oil.  You can find it in any grocery store.  I use it on my hair and body, especially my face.  I put it on my hair once per week and then shampoo.  It works amazingly well and makes it strong and soft.

2. Do not wash your hair every day!  I know this is not a product but an amazing tip.  I always thought this was gross but I am a convert.  I only wash my hair every other day.  I still condition every day but not exposing your hair to harsh scents and soap every day makes a great difference.

3. Aveeno fragrance-free body wash:  I have had extra itchy and dry skin this year.  I searched for a product that would not be harsh and this one worked wonders.

Have a great weekend and I’ll continue to post my favorite tips and products!

Rest in Peace, Nelson

December 10th, 2013 | Posted by Sara in Uncategorized - (0 Comments)

I wanted to take this opportunity to give my condolences to the Mandela family.   The first time I heard the name Nelson Mandela was on The Cosby Show.   When the oldest Cosby child had twins, they named them Winnie and Nelson.  The characters said they named the twins after two great African leaders.  

I did more research and discovered the dramatic and heroic life of Nelson Mandela.  At a time in history when apartide was the normal way of life, Mandela tried to be a hero for his people and change things.   He sacrificed himself.

If anyone is interested in learning more,  a wonderful film about South Africa is Power of One starring Stephen Dorff and Morgan Freeman.


Paul Walker

December 5th, 2013 | Posted by Sara in Uncategorized - (0 Comments)

I wanted to mention Paul Walker.  First, my family are huge fans of the Fast and Furious series, especially my mother!  Walker was a huge presence and talent on the screen.  He had Hollywood good looks but also a big heart.   When I heard about his death, my first thought was of his daughter.  Years ago I hear he was raising his daughter on his own.  That stood out to me because of how rare it is for a father to be the primary caregiver of their daughter.

We lost a great actor but keep his daughter in your thoughts.  She lost a wonderful father!


Radio Show Interview Tips

December 3rd, 2013 | Posted by Sara in Uncategorized - (0 Comments)

Radio shows are a great way to spread awareness for any topic.   With Blog Talk Radio and online radio shows, there are many opportunities for guest appearances.   I am releasing these tips for anyone looking to do a radio interview.   Enjoy!
1.    Be sure to practice answers to prepared questions.   Keep in mind that the host may contribute their own questions.   Try to limit your answers to a few sentences.

2.    Do a mock interview via phone.

3.    Make sure you write down 5 tips you wish to say:  Mention the name of the book, where to find it, why you wrote it, what it can contribute to readers, why is it different?

4.    Dress as if you were standing in front of an audience even if the interview is on the phone.  Dress up.  It will keep you in the zone.  It’s easier to think professionally when you feel good about your appearance.

5.    Keep track of time.  If the answer is longer than 2 minutes, make sure to wrap up.

6.    Use a land line for the interview.

7.    Don’t be nervous.  Be yourself. Remember you are the expert and have a lot of information to share.

8.    The host’s job is to make you look good!  Trust that they will!