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Great Hollywood Legends

December 17th, 2013 | Posted by Sara in Uncategorized

Two wonderful actors passed this week.

Peter O’Toole was a rascal and a guy that anyone would love to hang out with.   He is best known for “Lawrence of Arabia” but my favorite O’Toole movie is “How to Steal a Million.”  He starts with Audrey Hepburn in this comedy caper.  The premise is Hepburn’s father is a con artist and fakes art.  When the London Museum wants to insure one of his fake sculptures, they must do a scientific test to validate it.     Audrey and Peter proceed to steal the sculpture.

Joan Fontaine also passed away.  She won an Oscar for “Suspicion,”  however she was also in “The Women.”  It was a witty and fast paced comedy.

Check out the acting of these two and you will find out why classic movies are so revered.

Happy Tuesday!

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