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It’s the end of the year and here are my 3 beauty recommendations…

December 12th, 2013 | Posted by Sara in Uncategorized

Hi all,

I know I post about books, pop culture and anything that really interests me.  Some days I’m pretty random.  So let the randomness continue!!!

This post is about my favorite 3 beauty products of the year.  I’ve struggled with dry skin as well as slight hair loss this year so, here are some products that helped me!

1. Coconut Oil, Coconut Oil:  If you have dry skin or need help strengthening hair, go get some Coconut Oil.  You can find it in any grocery store.  I use it on my hair and body, especially my face.  I put it on my hair once per week and then shampoo.  It works amazingly well and makes it strong and soft.

2. Do not wash your hair every day!  I know this is not a product but an amazing tip.  I always thought this was gross but I am a convert.  I only wash my hair every other day.  I still condition every day but not exposing your hair to harsh scents and soap every day makes a great difference.

3. Aveeno fragrance-free body wash:  I have had extra itchy and dry skin this year.  I searched for a product that would not be harsh and this one worked wonders.

Have a great weekend and I’ll continue to post my favorite tips and products!

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