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Radio Show Interview Tips

December 3rd, 2013 | Posted by Sara in Uncategorized

Radio shows are a great way to spread awareness for any topic.   With Blog Talk Radio and online radio shows, there are many opportunities for guest appearances.   I am releasing these tips for anyone looking to do a radio interview.   Enjoy!
1.    Be sure to practice answers to prepared questions.   Keep in mind that the host may contribute their own questions.   Try to limit your answers to a few sentences.

2.    Do a mock interview via phone.

3.    Make sure you write down 5 tips you wish to say:  Mention the name of the book, where to find it, why you wrote it, what it can contribute to readers, why is it different?

4.    Dress as if you were standing in front of an audience even if the interview is on the phone.  Dress up.  It will keep you in the zone.  It’s easier to think professionally when you feel good about your appearance.

5.    Keep track of time.  If the answer is longer than 2 minutes, make sure to wrap up.

6.    Use a land line for the interview.

7.    Don’t be nervous.  Be yourself. Remember you are the expert and have a lot of information to share.

8.    The host’s job is to make you look good!  Trust that they will!

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