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Controversy as Publicity

March 25th, 2014 | Posted by Sara in Uncategorized

Yesterday Nick Cannon went to extremes to gain publicity.  He posted a photo of himself in white makeup.  Cannon shared the photo on Instagram to promote an upcoming album called “White People Party Music.”  The makeup is dramatic and Cannon is almost unrecognizable.

Since posting, Cannon has been been accused of being racist.   He even posted a short video explaining he named his Caucasian alter ego, “Connor Smallnut.”

Is this just a huge publicity stunt or is it something to take seriously?

The world of publicity is changing every day.  It’s very difficult to keep any sort of elegance or quality when promoting.  It’s working for Cannon.  We are all talking about him and his album but I wonder what would happen if Drew Carey or Will Farrel came out in blackface?


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