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Innovative book publicity ideas

March 13th, 2014 | Posted by Sara in Uncategorized

The book industry is constantly changing and as a result the book publicity industry is changing.  This post is about innovative ideas for book publicity.

Sitting in 2014, the book industry is still searching for its feet.  Barnes & Noble is struggling and Amazon seems to be the dominate seller.  They are not necessarily friendly to authors or publishers.  E-books are becoming more and more prominent and it’s a struggle for new authors.

First, I want to make one thing clear with PR.  There is no magic bullet!  Book PR is hard work and an author and publicist need to work together as a team.

The following are some ideas and also some realistic advice.

1. There is nothing wrong with selling books out of your car and leaving books at coffee shops for others.   Most successful authors did it.  So when asked about your book, say you have some with you if they are interested.

2. Always think like a journalist.  If you want to get on any media outlet, you need a story.  Publicist sit for hours thinking about the best way to pitch something.  Read their work and pitch accordingly.

3. The media are very competitive.  If you think you will get on two TV stations on the same day or even week, think again.  If this is a goal, ask yourself what your story is and how will it be different for each.

4. Make sure you have the best marketing materials.

5. Make sure your book does not look self-published.  Go to the library and bookstore.  Does your book match up? If not, you have some work to do.

For any questions, email me at sara@lienpublicrelations.com.

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