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Oscar Re-Cap

March 4th, 2014 | Posted by Sara in Uncategorized

Here are my best and worst moments from Sunday’s Oscars.    The ceremony was long, as usual, but there were some interesting moments.


1. E!’s commentary:  Their pre-show interviews showed class and style.  However, I did miss Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski live on the red carpet.

2. Charlize Theron, Kate Hudson and Jennifer Lawrence:  They were best-dressed!

3.  OK, I admit, Ellen did some creative things: selfie and pizza man!

4. Matthew’s speech.  So classy.  He did not swear or use notes.

5. Jared Leto’s Jesus hair.

6. Bette Midler

7. Whoopi Goldberg

8. The Great Gatsby nabbing two Oscars

9. Loved Jennifer Lawrence’s necklace.

10. Angelia Jolie looking healthy

Here are my worse moments:

1. Nipita’s dress.  I loved the dress but not on her.  She has the body of a boy and this dress accentuated it.

2. John Travolta: Just a tip!  Rehearse.

3. Way too long.  Let’s cut out the hero segments, the gimmicks and just give away the awards.

4. Way too much campaigning and too little surprises.  We usually get one or two surprise winners but we all knew who would win and so did they.  Cate Blanchett wore gold!

5. Pink.  She is a rocker not a ballad singer.  Kristen Chenoweth was in the audience.  She would have stopped the show!

6.  Idina Menzel.  I don’t get her.

7. The trip.  Jennifer, learn how to walk on the red carpet.  It was cute at first but now we all will start to wonder.

8. Why was Jessica Biel there?

9.  Loved the addition of Kim Novak but introduce her properly.

10.  Again, it was way too long.

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