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April 8th, 2014 | Posted by Sara in Uncategorized

Good afternoon.

Look for oceanographer Ellen Prager on the Today Show tomorrow morning.  She will discuss the Malaysian plane rescue.  She is also the author of Scarletta’s The Shark Whisperer.  http://www.amazon.com/Shark-Whisperer-Tristan-Hunt-Guardians/dp/1938063449

Also, we lost a wonderful talent on Sunday.  Mickey Rooney passed away of natural causes at 93 years old.  He and Judy Garland were my favorite MGM performers.  Here is a list of my favorite Rooney movies.

1. The Human Comedy: One of the most underrated dramas.  Rooney is not singing or dancing and he is a wonderful dramatic actor.

2. Babes in Arms:  Wonderful fluff musical about “Putting on a Show.”

3. The Black Stallion/ National Velvet:  Movies about horse racing.

4. All the Hardy Movies

5. A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Thank you for all the enjoyment you brought to my life Mickey!

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