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Authors and Income

July 8th, 2014 | Posted by Sara in Uncategorized

I read a very interesting article today about authors and income.  The publishing world is going through so many changes and this article proves it.


Children’s writer Mal Peel discussed her income here.

Mal Peet, whose children’s novels have won prizes from the Carnegie medal to the Guardian award, said his income from books had “dwindled really significantly” over the past four years. In the past, he said, he received royalty cheques of up to £30,000 for a six-month period. In the last half of 2013, his royalties for all his novels were just £3,000.

In this age of published, it must be about more than the book.  It has to be about what you can offer after readers close the book.

1. Seminars

2. Licensing

3. Merchandising

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