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How to Use Reviews

October 23rd, 2014 | Posted by Sara in Uncategorized

Reviews are always a good thing.  Some are negative and some are positive…some are positive and negative in the same review.  All authors must be able to take criticism with the glory.

As soon as an author gets a review here are the steps I recommend to make the most of them:

1. Before a review comes out make sure the writer is aware of your release date and where readers can buy the book.

2. Also, here is a hint, sometimes a publication will not tell you when they write a review.  Make sure to set up a Google Alert for the title of your book and your name.

3. OK, the review is out.  First, post it on Twitter and Facebook.  Spread it to your followers!

4. Put it on other sites like Pintrest, LinkedIN.

5. Blog about it on your web site.

6. Have friends and family blog about it.

7.  Look at the review closely and cut a great quote from it for a blurb.

8.  Send the review around to those in the media.

9. Write a press release about the review.

10. Finally, frame it!

Only kidding!

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