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My Favorite Five…

January 27th, 2015 | Posted by Sara in Uncategorized

Good morning,

I hope all out east are recovering from the snowstorm.

Here are the top-of-mind thoughts today.

1. That snowstorm…I live in Minnesota and that was not the storm of the century.  Granted Boston got snow but was it necessary to ban cars and cancel 6,000 flights before a flake hit the ground?

2. Lucy: My husband and I sent to see Lucy Live on Saturday.  The show was mediocre at best but the costumes were super!

3. Grantchester: If you are not watching this little show, tune in Sundays at 9.  It simple, fun and well-done!

4. Joan Rivers: Her daughter filed a malpractice suit against the clinic where she passed.  What a tragedy!  So unnecessary.

5. Another Cosby accuser has spoken out.  This time it is former Hollywood executive, Cindra Ladd.

What are your top five?

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