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Hot off the Presses

March 24th, 2015 | Posted by Sara in Uncategorized

Good afternoon!

Today was a difficult day for many in Europe and around the world.  A Germanwings Airbush crashed in the French Alps killing hundreds on-board.  Our thoughts are with their friends and families.

Also, Angelina Jolie announced she had her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed.  It is a choice she made as she carries the BRCA1 gene.  While I am not in favor of this being an option for every woman, I applaud Jolie for being proactive.

Next, I’m continue to list news stories I feel are falling through the cracks.  Just today I saw a clip of The Meredith Viera Show talking about Hot Button Issues.  Guess what they previewed? Miley Cyrus and her boyfriends’ spring break photos.  I guess he cheated?

Who cares?

Here are some stories that are falling off the radar!

The New Yorker:  The Detective Novel That Convinced a Generation Richard III Wasn’t Evil by Sara Polsky


Gawker: I Can’t Believe The Dr. Seuss Museum Won’t Be Called the Seusseum byDayna Evans (I love that there is a Seuss Museum coming!)


Harper’s BAZAAR: 11 Women Who Are Redefining Beauty by Samantha Leal


Until Thursday…


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