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March 31st, 2015 | Posted by Sara in Uncategorized

Hi all!

We are fast approaching the summer movie season!  We have Netflix and occasionally Red Box a movie, but there is nothing like going to the theater  and seeing a film with a group.

Here are the movies I’m planning to see this Spring and Summer.

First, I highly recommend Cinderella.  Director Kenneth Branagh did a masterful job with this Disney cartoon.  Lily James, as Cinderella, embodied the character in heart and soul.

My first pick is Fast and Furious 7.  It is released April 3 and it is getting fabulous reviews.  It will mix the sentimental with dramatic considering Paul Walker’s untimely death during production.

Second, run to the theaters to see Shaun The Sheep.  Anything Aardman is my husband’s favorite and this character is known throughout the world.

Other animated films to see are Inside Out and Minions.  I plan to see both on opening day.

Inside Out is about what happens in our bodies.  For example, each emotion is represented by a color and name.  Each have their own character.  In my opinion, this one of Pixar’s most creative movies in years.

Minions is the third movie in the Despicable Me series.  It tells the backstory of how the Minions came to be well….Minions!

Happy viewing!

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