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Check out Afognak!

August 13th, 2015 | Posted by Sara in Uncategorized

Happy Thursday!

We are in the dog days of summer and temps are pushing 90.  It makes we want to stay home with a cold drink, air conditioning and a good book!

Here is one I recommend. Full disclosure, the author is a client of mine.

If you are interested in a good mystery , check out Afognak by James Rains. Here is a recent review.

Afognak is a pre-post apocalyptic tale by James Rains that fans of zombie themed horror novels are going to love. Not quite the living dead but enemies we see our survivors going up against take strong queues from them. A remote island that isn’t frequented by a large population is the perfect place to give us a post apocalyptic feel while the actual world hasn’t burned to the ground.

In the novel we follow Dr. Joseph Karikoff and a group of survivors struggling to survive. At the offset we are given a flashback from a past long over before jumping to modern times. Ill give you one guess where an archaeological dig is being conducted after the introduction.

This is Rains first novel and while there were a few moments where the writing was spotty, mainly with how the characters initially being introduced. It felt a little off pacing wise. However, that didn’t last long and past that the writing was excellent. Characters had their own voices and you could see development as the pages turned.

An excellent novel let alone a first one and well worth the read.


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