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The three items every author needs to master

October 8th, 2018 | Posted by Sara in Uncategorized

As  a book publicist I’m always aware of book PR campaigns.  Some are wonderful and some need a lot of help.   I always tell new authors to make marketing a priority.  Even before beginning to write, think about your audience and who would be interested in your work.  Here are a few tips every author should master when putting a book on the market.

1.  Do your research!  If you have an idea for a book, research the topic online or at your local bookstore.  Do the market research.  Find out if that book sold, are readers reviewing it, are they excited?  If an author did not do this, it’s basically putting a product on the market without having an idea of its future success.  Would Apple or General Mills do this?

2. Be present.  Many times authors tell me they just want to write and not promote.  It’s the JD Salinger frame of reference. Those days are over! If an author does not want to promote, unless the book is a masterpiece, they are going down the wrong track.  An author must have a web site/ social media presence and be connected to readers.  Readers want to know you!

3. Lastly, be an editor or hire a good one!  It’s such a shame to release a book without proper editing.  Readers are very smart and will recognize a poor edit, design, or if you don’t have the credibility to back up your work.   In other words, before a book is released, do your work.  It may take longer to publish but in the end, it will all pay off.


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