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Bubble Wrap Girl by Kari van Wakeren: Review by Darcy Bell-Myers

May 23rd, 2019 | Posted by Sara in Uncategorized

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Review by Darcy Bell-Myers

Read more about Darcy at http://bellmyers.com.

Don’t we all just want to wrap our kids up in bubble wrap sometimes? Izzy Magee has a problem. She likes to play soccer, ride her bike and have fun but she DOESN’T like the bumps and bruises that come along with an active life. Her parents want to protect their little girl, so they wind her up in bubble wrap with an adorable bow on top of her head! The only problem is that although Izzy’s now well-cushioned, she can’t get the full fun out of life anymore. It’s hard to dance at a party when you can hardly move, hard to participate in school when you can’t raise your hand and so disappointing to try and ride your bike when your bubble wrap knocks over everything around you. This book has a great lesson for kids about learning to roll with life’s ups and downs. It’s an even better lesson for parents; that although we want to protect our children, in the end we have to learn to let go. A life well-lived may come with some scrapes from falling off that bike, but the journey is what makes life fulfilling. The message is a great one and the story approaches it in a playful way. The delightful illustrations are lively and colorful with beautiful patterns and details. The story flows along smoothly and will entertain even the busiest of kids. It’s good for independent, young readers and bedtime readings alike.

Darcy Bell-Myers has loved to draw and paint since she was a little girl. She is the illustrator of Mary Emma, Walk!Wyatt’s Big DayTreasure’s GiftEmmy and the Rude RoosterGrandma Has WingsHiggledy Piggledy, and the author/illustrator of The Animal Babies Book of BalletPony Paper Dolls and The Animal Babies Book of Princesses. Her illustration and design work has won honors such as the Independent Publisher Book Award, Dr. Toy, San Diego Book and Parent’s Choice Awards. She lives with her husband and three children in Stillwater, Minnesota.

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