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Two Major Icons

July 20th, 2015 | Posted by Sara in Uncategorized - (0 Comments)

Welcome to the Dog-Days of Summer!  It’s hot, sticky and the kids are bored.

The summer of 2015 has been an exceptional time.  It has been characterize by two very different men:  Bruce “Caitlin” Jenner and Bill Cosby.  Think about this.

Picture it. American 1985.

America has two sweethearts.  Bruce Jenner is an All-American sporting hero.  He saved the 1976 Olympics by winning the decathlon and becoming the face of Wheaties.  He was the ideal American male.  He had beautiful kids, a beautiful wife and was a person everyone looked up to in business, entertainment and sport.

We also had another hero.  Bill Cosby was everyone’s father.  The Cosby Show was a genius combination of hilarity, intellect and American values.  We looked to him to guide us.  But let’s step back… even before The Cosby Show Bill Cosby was a legend.  From I-Spy to his stand-up comedy, we all listened to Cosby.

I remember laying on my carpeted floor in front of the TV watching Bill Cosby Himself over and over.  We had all of the monologues memorized.

The men were at the very top of their chosen careers.

Now fast forward to Summer 2015.  In many ways we have lost them both.

Bruce Jenner was living a lie for years.  He wanted to be a woman.  However the man we thought we knew will forever be lost. However, Jenner had the courage to show his true self and is being celebrated.

Cosby’s secrets have come out and we see that it is true he had a spotless reputation but his character was flawed.

His former co-worker Joseph C. Phillips was on Sunday Morning yesterday and brought up some thought-provoking questions about Cosby.

Check it out here: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/joseph-c-phillips-on-bill-cosby-and-character/

It is inevitable that our heroes will fall.  We build them up to be perfect people but in reality we are the same.

We all make choices and make mistakes.  Some mistakes are unforgivable.

Bill Cosby and PR

December 11th, 2014 | Posted by Sara in Uncategorized - (0 Comments)

Bill Cosby has an enviable career.  From his early days as a stand-up to his award-winning turn on “I Spy” to his legendary, groundbreaking TV show, “The Cosby Show,” he has always achieved and been recognized.  His comedy is some of the best in the world.  His storytelling technique is creative and fun.  I used to listen to “Bill Cosby Himself” as a child.  His different voices were hilarious! I was a Cosby fan and proud of it.

I still enjoy listening to his Fat Albert and Old Weird Harold stories.

Now, he finds himself in the middle of a PR crisis.  With several women making sexual accusations toward him, his reputation has taken a serious hit.  In show business, that reputation is everything.  For decades audiences idolized Cosby and now it is these accusations that are grabbing the headlines.

Cosby refuses to comment on the accusations.

As a PR professional, this situation is fascinating.  It is very true that the higher one climbs in show business, the harder they fall.

What is the most fascinating aspect of this case is the silence.  Not only the silence from Cosby but the silence from his supporters.  For years many fellow comedians and co-stars have gushed over Cosby and his role in their careers.  Now… silence.

One has to wonder what Joan Rivers and Robin Williams would have said.  I doubt they would be quiet.