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Tips for Upcoming Authors

June 10th, 2014 | Posted by Sara in Uncategorized - (0 Comments)

Good afternoon!

I wanted to take today’s post and discuss an issue in book PR that arise quite often.  Many times authors print or publish a book and assume their books will be on the stands at every Barnes & Noble.

This is not the case.  It’s not even the best place to sell books.

Here are some truths that every author needs to know:

1.  When you are self-published the chances of getting into the major stores are slim.  There are always chances but most likely it will be piecemeal v. in a lumps sum.

2. Bookstores or big-box stores will want a guarantee.  They want to take something that will sell.  Usually they will make the book returnable and this can cost authors money.

3. You need to promote and create a story before bookstores will be attracted.

4. Amazon is very dominate right now.  Sell books on our web site and try to combat Amazon.

5. Last but not least, create a connection with a person who is a distributor.  Do something for them.  It is always good business to help others.


Until next time..