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Life Unplugged

September 11th, 2014 | Posted by Sara in Uncategorized - (0 Comments)

My husband and I decided to unplug in August.  We took a good, long look at our cable bill and our TV watching habits and decided to cut the cord.  I love Turner Classic Movies but I was paying almost $100 per month to watch a few channels.


So here is how it went.  We arranged phone and Internet with another provider and made the call to our current provider to cancel.

It took 5 minutes!  I problem.  I was shocked!

Then came the fateful day when they turned off the cable.  We have basic, I mean I need national news!  Then we have really basic channels like MeTV.

Here is what I discovered.  I have much more time!  We bird watch, talk to each other more, get more sleep and enjoy life more!

I’m also really enjoying CHIPs again.  Erik Estrada was really good looking.

I recommend cutting the cord.  The entertainment industry is moving away from cable and guess what, we don’t need it to keep us entertained.  We can do that our selves.