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Twitter and news

July 3rd, 2014 | Posted by Sara in Uncategorized - (0 Comments)

Hi all,

Happy day-before-a-holiday!

I was thinking about what to discuss  and my topic hit me over the head.  I was on Twitter when I saw a tweet from Chris Colfer, star of Glee.  It said due to personal reasons he was being let go from Glee.  Fans were shocked.

Then a few minutes later his rep said his account was hacked.

A few minutes later Huffington Post and Entertainment Weekly both announced his departure as if he had passed away!


In the space of a few minutes, he was on the show, off the show, back on and then reported to be leaving.

Speed seems to be all important in this day and age of journalism.  No one seems to fact check.  I learned in J school that we need at least 2 sources to confirm a story before publishing anything.  At least 2!

Today, journalists seem something on Twitter and jump on it to be first.  Just lazy!

It was ABC entertainment that did not jump on it and announced Chris’ rep said he was hacked!

Lesson number one:  patience is a virtue and everything you read online is not true!