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My Most Fascinating People of 2014

December 16th, 2014 | Posted by Sara in Uncategorized - (0 Comments)

On Sunday night Barbara Walters released her most fascinating people of 2014.   She gave her opinion, so I thought I would give mine.

This year we had several fascinating news stories.   Remember that fascinating does not necessarily mean that person is doing good.  The definition of  fascinating is:

extremely interesting.
“fascinating facts”
synonyms: interestingcaptivatingengrossingabsorbingenchantingenthralling,spellbindingrivetingengagingcompellingcompulsivegripping, thrilling

So here is my top five:

1. Our fascination with booties:   From Kim K, to J. Lo to song, “It’s All About That Bass,”  booties seem to hold the public’s fascination.  All it took to almost break the Internet was Kim Kardashian showing hers on the cover of Paper magazine.

2. Kate Middleton:  She is serene, beautiful and she does not let anything get in the way of her health.  When she came down with severe morning sickness, she took care of herself and did not let business get in the way.  She seems innocent in a world where cynicism is the number one exponent.

3. Frozen:  OK, everything is about Frozen.  You step in to any store and they have something Frozen. Hats, books, clothing, even food!  Enough!

4. Celebrity babies:  they are famous before doing anything.

5.  Americans:  I’m proud to be an American, because of all the peaceful protesters around the country.