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Happy Tuesday!

Today is another entry of Real News.  I do this blog entry because I feel that so many reputable news outlets are reporting on topics that are not important to anyone.  In essence it makes people like Jadan Smith and the Kardashians feel more powerful and important than those doing important work.  For example, today USA Today reported that Will Smith’s son went to prom dressed as Batman.  Weird, I know but putting him on the cover of USA Today makes him feel like he matters.  Sorry, Jaden you have done a few movies with your dad but not much else.

Also, they have a story about the Patriot’s owner not appealing Deflategate.  I know people love football but it’s a game!  Pro athletes will continue to bend the rules as long as we allow them.

So, what are some stories that we should be listening to?

I love stories about people helping others.  Yeah, they are corny but any selfless act is important to highlight.  I like to hear about the Michigan son who took  his mom to prom.

Also, let’s make those who are risking their lives the focal point of news.  For example, in war torn areas men are voluntarily working to clear land mines.  In places like Vietnam and Afghanistan, they purposely go out and clear mines just so others can plant their crops.

Lastly, why not have one day each month dedicated to the average American.  One day when we don’t have to hear about celebrity plastic surgery, award ceremonies or a new book, TV, movie or play.

Twitter and news

July 3rd, 2014 | Posted by Sara in Uncategorized - (0 Comments)

Hi all,

Happy day-before-a-holiday!

I was thinking about what to discuss  and my topic hit me over the head.  I was on Twitter when I saw a tweet from Chris Colfer, star of Glee.  It said due to personal reasons he was being let go from Glee.  Fans were shocked.

Then a few minutes later his rep said his account was hacked.

A few minutes later Huffington Post and Entertainment Weekly both announced his departure as if he had passed away!


In the space of a few minutes, he was on the show, off the show, back on and then reported to be leaving.

Speed seems to be all important in this day and age of journalism.  No one seems to fact check.  I learned in J school that we need at least 2 sources to confirm a story before publishing anything.  At least 2!

Today, journalists seem something on Twitter and jump on it to be first.  Just lazy!

It was ABC entertainment that did not jump on it and announced Chris’ rep said he was hacked!

Lesson number one:  patience is a virtue and everything you read online is not true!