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Your Book PR Checklist Part One

August 3rd, 2015 | Posted by Sara in Uncategorized - (0 Comments)

Good Morning All!

In this day and age of traditional publishing, indie publishing, self-publishing, and vanity presses, there is much to learn as a new author.  I wanted to put together a check-list for new authors or even experienced authors.  This is a checklist to navigate the public relations world for authors.

1 The public relations process needs to begin when you start writing the book.  Think about questions like, “Will this sell?” or “Is this interested it anyone beside myself and my family.”  Pay attention to trends!  Is the vampire trend ending?  How about dystopian?

2. Once you are finished writing, make sure you have a talented designer and editor working with you.  Selling you book depends on how it looks.  We do judge a book by its cover and also whether it is edited well!

3. Make sure you know your research and can speak to groups about your topic.  If you are writing a non-fiction book about World War II, make sure you have taken classes, done research and even taught classes on this topic.  The media will be looking for this credibility.

4. Don’t be too much of a perfectionist.  Know that most people you speak to about your topic will want to learn from you.  Don’t be so handcuffed by wanting to be perfect when you speak or do a signing that you can’t do it.

5. Lastly, show why a contact should work with you.  Tell what why people would buy your book or would be interested in your book.

Later in the week I will continue this list.

Stay tuned!