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“Online Dating Nightmare”

August 15th, 2013 | Posted by Sara in Uncategorized - (0 Comments)

Let me get this out of the way … I had a wonderful online dating experience.  I met my fiance and future husband on one of the most popular web sites and it was a very positive experience.   Based on my positive experience, my mother joined another dating site.
It was going very well for her and she started corresponding with an interesting man.  However, this posting is to warn anyone of the negative side of online dating.   They seemingly shared similar interests–they talked on the phone and traded emails.  They even set up times to meet in person.
Then the red flags started.   Here are a few of the red flags that she wanted me to mention.
1.    During their email session, he did not seem to be reading her comments.   She wrote about her background and feelings and the next email would be about religion or another topic.
2.    His phone voice did not match his background.  She had a feeling he had a different ethic background than he told her.
3.    He would cancel meetings at the last minute.
4.    He did not know some very common local locations.
She overlooked most of these but they were always on her mind when talking to him.  Then came the negative event.  He told her he was going to West Africa on business and they would meet up when he came back.
The next day she received an email from him.  He was in Africa and the electric voltage system in the country ruined his computer.  He wanted her to buy him a computer and he would wire her the money or she would charge it.
She told him she would not do this and she gave him alternatives.   Again, he disregarded her comments.  He became more insistent upon her doing this for him.  He wanted to mail the computer to her address.  She refused and told him  to use UPS.
He refused and started to make her feel guilty and he then cut off communication.
Please be aware of individuals who are scammers or who are trying to take advantage of you.
Online dating is a wonderful way to meet new people but there are users out there.
Be aware!