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Every day I have two or three app I use.  They are go-to apps that make my life easier, others are where I receive my news and a few are just for fun.   

     Apps that make my life easier:  They help with weight loss, sleep and relaxation.

1.       Weight Watchers-I can’t say enough about this app.  It changed my life.  It helped me understand food and what is healthy. 

2.       Sleep Pillow-If I can’t sleep I turn on this app and I can hear birds, streams, thunderstorms or spa music.  I’m asleep in an instant.

3.       Hotel Tonight-If you need to find a hotel quickly, this app is the best.  They negotiate with hotels in your local area to get the best deals.

  News apps:  

1.       USA Today-Don’t ask me how they do it but this app is free and updated hourly.  I don’t need to actual paper and it is better than the newspaper because they have the latest information.

2.       TMZ-If I need a gossip update I go to TMZ.  Sometimes the stories are about obscure celebrities but sometimes they break major news like the death of Michael Jackson.

3.       AWS-This stands for All Women Stalk.  I discovered it a few months ago and am addicted.  It is basically lists of everything.  If one wants to know how to use coconut oil or how the best summer reads-just search and a list will pop up.

4.       Zite-This app is a newsroom.  One can list a topic and the app will search for stories having to do with that topic.

Other apps:

1.       Kindle-Download this for free on any ipad/iphone and read anything, anywhere.

2.       Urban Spoon-An app for finding the best local restaurants.

3.       Pandora-A free streaming music site.

4.       TiVo-Record a show from anywhere in your home with this app.

5.       Any library app-your local area library will have a free app to put any book on hold.

6.       Flixster-Find reviews for any movie in your area.

7.       Pop Sugar-News stories about topics such as Beauty, Celebrities, Fashion, Food and Home

8.       EW Must List- A list of Entertainment Weekly’s top 10 popular culture programs.

9.       Fast Food-Get listings of calorie counts for every popular fast food chain.

10.   Book Wall-a new app for me.  One can choose categories and get a new book you will love.