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Most Beautiful Woman

April 25th, 2013 | Posted by Sara in Uncategorized - (0 Comments)

It’s that time of year again.  On Tuesday, People Magazine released their Most Beautiful Woman issue.  The choice for most beautiful is Gwyenth Paltrow.   Paltrow is an Oscar winner, wife and mother.  She has been open about her struggle with weight, her famous marriage,  as well as her journey to motherhood. She just released her second cook book.  Paltrow also just turned 40.  Congrats!
However, this news was met with high criticism. Even my mother did not agree.  She said, “How horrible. She is so plain Jane!”  Now, I do think she is very pretty but I think our idea of what is pretty has changed over the years.  The days of glamour queens like Ava Gardner and Elizabeth Taylor are over.   So I decided to list some women in Hollywood who I consider beautiful.  Tell me some of your choices.
Here is my list of Hollywood’s most beautiful:
1.    Debbie Reynolds-stunning in her later seventies.
2.    Jennifer Lopez-she is exotic and a true beauty.
3.    Jane Fonda-she is confident and it shows.
4.    Halle Berry-gorgeous!
5.    Charlize Theron
6.    Reese Witherspoon
7.    Julia Roberts
8.    Blythe Danner
9.    Sandra Bullock
10.    Mila Kunis