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Weekend fun!

August 28th, 2015 | Posted by Sara in Uncategorized - (0 Comments)

It’s Friday!  Another summer weekend is just ahead.  The kids are getting ready to return to school and the days will quickly turn colder (at least up here in MN!).

So let’s enjoy it while we can!

Here are some of my fun weekend adventure suggestions!

1. See a cave.  In Minnesota and around the country there are several wonderful cave tours.  A few years back my husband and I found the cave in Dodgeville, WI.

2. While you are in Dodgeville, check out the House on the Rock.  There is an extensive museum in addition to the house.

3. If it rains, stay in on Sunday night and watch the the VMAs.  MTV’s award show celebrating excess and celebrity will be hosted by Miley Cyrus this year.  Expect a lot of twerking and fireworks exploding from her breast cones!

4. See a fun concert at a local festival.  MN has the state fair and it has a lot of great 1980s acts.

5.  Tour one of our government facilities!  We are going to tour our Federal Reserve.

Happy Weekend!